Crystal Package

49.99 USD


Out Of Game Benefits:

  1. Crystal Supporter Discord Role which will give you access to a Private Discord for priority 1 to the Administration team, Early Access to Merch and Announcements, and Expedited Ticket Response. 
  2. Priority 1 Que above 128 Players


In Game Benefits:

  1. 40 Ghost Tokens
  2. 3 Player Character Slots
  3. 2 Story Crystal House
  4. 4 Car Private Garage
  5. Access to RP as a PED in the city. If you would like to use a PED you have to submit a backstory pending approval via discord ticket giving admins a strong understanding of the direction of your RP with it. 
  6. Limited access to the Gang and Business pass have to offer (not included any items that explains it to be exclusive to the package). This will be tied to your Discord account as long as your Support is active. 

How to receive your Package:  Upon purchase of your package, you will automatically be assigned a role in by the Tebex store for our Discord highlighting you as a city supporter! You will be needed to open a ticket at that point within discord to begin the process of receiving your items! In order to receive the items listed above you must submit the information as outlined in the template below and an Admin will respond within a 24 hour period to begin delivery of your package!

 First Name - Last Initial: John D

Transaction ID (found immediately after purchase): tbx-123456789123456789
Discord Name: JohnnyD#1234
Character Name For Desired Items: Johnny Mclongy

All items are still capped to the allowed amount in the city! The city will hold the right to refuse any MLO addition after testing in the Dev sever. MLO additions can take up to 1 month to bring into the server! Ghost RP has the right to deny your perks without refund. Exclusive items are not given unless you buy the specific pass and are not covered by a diamond or crystal support. MAKE SURE YOU LOOK AT THE GANG & BUSINESS PASS TO SEE ITS EXLUSIVE PERKS! All perks are considered monthly and lost on cancelation.