New Legacy Rules

In this bustling city, you'll find the comprehensive rulebook that governs the Ghost RP FiveM Server. This rule set serves as the cornerstone for our immersive and engaging role-playing experience. From traffic etiquette to criminal activities, every aspect of life within the server is outlined here, ensuring a fair and enjoyable environment for all players. So, whether you're a law-abiding citizen or a daring outlaw, make sure to explore this digital metropolis and familiarize yourself with the guidelines that shape the dynamic world of Ghost RP.

Character Creation:

  • Ghost Players must creae a realistic looking character usingthe built in character creation menu.
  • The use of animal skins, alien skins, invisible body parts, or "permenant masks" is strictly prohibited in the city and the admin team will give you a menu to resolve this immdiately. 
  • Character names are in integral part of beginning your immersive eperience in RP. The following rules are in place for this topic:
    • Name can not reference any slang, offensive language, or cruel terms
    • Names cannot consist of multiple words
    • Names has to resemble a real world type Government name. Nicknames must be RP only, but your license must portray a realistic name. 

Requirements to RP in Ghost:

It is required within Ghost RP hat you have a working micorphone and headset with minimal bacgrond noise coming into the city. Voice changers are acceptebale to be used within RP, but players must be able to understand you clearly so that a barriesr isnt created effecting RP. You are able to RP a deaf or mut e person in city, but are required to communicate with admins in any given admin situation. 

City Rules

1. Toxic RP & Off-Limit RP

The city of Ghost will not tolerate any comments or actions made that are Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, of display a prejudice towards a group of peoples. We do not allow Toxic RP and admins hold the ability to use there discretion when enforcing this rule. Please note, if you immerse yourself in a certain RP scenario where people talk in a certain manner that you would not normally be comfortable around, remove yourself from that style of RP. 

2. Meta Gaming, VDM (Vehicle Deathmatch), & RDM (Random Deathmatch):

Meta gaming refers to using out-of-game information or knowledge to influence in-game decisions. This can include using information from forums, guides, or other external sources that the in-game character wouldn't realistically be aware of.
Rule: Meta gaming is not allowed. Players should make decisions based on the information available to their in-game characters.

Vehicle Deathmatch:

Definition: Vehicle deathmatch involves players engaging in combat using vehicles within the game. This could be anything from cars and motorcycles to tanks and aircraft.

Rule: Vehicle deathmatch is allowed within designated areas or specific game modes. Outside of these areas or modes, players should refrain from engaging in vehicle combat to maintain the integrity of other aspects of the game.

RDM (Random Deathmatch):

Definition: RDM occurs when a player randomly and without reason attacks or kills another player. It disrupts the normal flow of the game and can lead to frustration among players.

Rule: RDM is strictly prohibited. Players should have a valid in-game reason for engaging in combat with others. This could include self-defense, engaging in a game mode that allows unrestricted combat, or other context-appropriate reasons.

Faction Rules

Police Rules

EMS Rules